Malama ko Aloha

Hawaiian Puppetry as a Storytelling Tool for the PreK-2 Classroom

PDE3 course # FA167712, section # 283377
Taught by Mauli Ola Cook

How do stories help young children build values for a compassionate life?

In this 3-day series, participants create a ki`i to use as a cherished assistant in storytelling and learn well known Hawaiian stories and elements of music, movement, and `olelo Hawai`i to help students deepen understandings of literature, culture and relationships. Instructors will guide definition, discussion and exploration of engaging ways to address waiwai, values for healthy living with kindness and compassion, through the practice of hula ki`i, Hawaiian puppetry, and mo`olelo, storytelling. The course will train teachers in one aspect of the process at a time providing time for implementation between sessions, coming back together to discuss discoveries and challenges for a deeper understanding and comfort with using ki`i.

WHEN: Saturdays, January 21, February 18 and March 18, 2017, 9 am-4 pm
WHERE: Hilo District Annex, Large Conference Room 2
INFORMATION: Call Kasey Lindley at HTY/839-9885 ext. 704
REGISTRATION: PDE3 website or click
FOR NON-HAWAII DOE TEACHERS: Please call Kasey Lindley at HTY/839-9885, ext 704

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