Creative Perspectives:

Increasing Text Comprehension, Dramatically

PDE3 course # IS181247, section #283396
Taught by Daniel A. Kelin, II

How can teachers make reading both engaging and meaningful? How can they guide students to find personal connections to text and apply understanding to their daily lives?

Drama-based strategies immerse students in text. More than simply reading a story, students step into a text to imagine themselves as characters from or related to the narrative facing the same questions or dilemmas posed in the text.  During a reading process, teachers occasionally engage their students in discussions from the various characters’ perspectives to both creatively excite students and give reading a greater and more immediate purpose.  This helps build students’ capacity for  inferring  meaning  in  order  to  understand  deeper messages  and  meanings  behind  words.  Students come to see text as more relevant to their own experience, increasing interest and comprehension.

WHEN: Saturdays, January 14, February 18 and March 11, 2017, 9am – 4pm
WHERE: Professional Development Center, Hanahau’oli School
INFORMATION: Call Kasey Lindley at HTY/839-9885, ext 704
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FOR NON-HAWAII DOE TEACHERS: Please call Kasey Lindley at HTY/839-9885, ext 704

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