“The things I found most interesting and helpful about the course was me being able to be put on the spot as a student to create images using my body, expressions, and words. It enabled me to feel awkward and nervous, just as my students did during the lesson. I enjoyed meeting with my peers during the course to find common ground with my struggles. I was able to take away the new information that they provided in order for me to improve on my delivery of the lesson. I really liked my instructor because he kept the class moving without any judgement call. The more I practice the more comfortable I will become in executing my ideas to my students.”

– Teacher professional development workshop

HTY Professional Development workshops in action

Arts Education Workshops and Classes

HTY Drama Education staff offers professional development workshops for teachers and in-service education students, as well as training new drama education specialists. We offer workshops integrating classroom content with drama, music, dance, visual art and literature.

Check back for 2020-2021 Course Information. If you would like to be added to our email list for future course opportunities, please contact Tamara at and specify which island(s) you are interested in receiving course information for.